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Michelia x alba

Magnolia x alba (syn Michelia)An attractive evergreen tree that is extremely popular throughout South East Asia where it is said to bring good luck. From Spring to Autumn Michelia x alba produces highly perfumed cream coloured flowers. The fragrance is magnificent, and for this reason it is used extensively in the perfume industry as an essential oil.View Plant


Elaeocarpus reticulatusA beautiful evergreen native tall shrub/small tree with dense green foliage and masses of pink bell-shaped, aniseed-scented flowers that display in Spring/Summer. Small colorful blue berries follow which attract a range of native birds. An interesting feature is a fine, whitish crust of film resembling an evaporated salt layer that appears on the surface of some leavesView Plant
Elaeocarpus eumundiA lovely evergreen foliage plant with green glossy leaves with deep bronze-red new growth. Scented cream flowers emerge during Summer followed by decorative dark blue fruit. A slow growing large shrub in Melbourne but will get considerably larger in warmer climates. E. eumundii foliage is broader and more lush than E. reticulatus.View Plant

Tristaniopsis laurina

Tristaniopsis laurina 'Luscious' pbrA small to medium sized evergreen tree with shiny, dark green foliage topped with red coloured new growth. Produces yellow flowers with a sweet fragrance in January and early February. Trunk features striking port coloured bark that peels back to reveal a mottled cream stem.View Plant

Agonis Burgundy

Agonis 'Burgundy'A stunning new plant introduction that will add rich colour to your landscape. Its graceful weeping habit and strong burgundy new growth will add interest to any style of garden. During mid-Spring small white, tea-tree like flowers mass bloom on the ends of its branches.View Plant

Evergreen Magnolia

Evergreen MagnoliaMagnolias make for stunning feature trees or hedging with fragrant bloomsView Plant


LillypilliesLillypillies make excellent screens and hedges.View Plant