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Topiary, Espaliers & Living Sculptures


StandardsTraditional popular form of topiary where plant has a clear straight stem and a ball on top like a lollypop.View Plant
Clipped balls & globesThis compact, rounded form makes a lovely garden feature, either as a single feature or planted in multiples for an interesting design.View Plant
Clipped conesAdd visual interest to your garden with these cone-shaped topiary. Look fantastic when arranged symmetrically in matching pairs. View Plant


EspaliersA popular choice for small gardens or courtyards, espaliers are available in a variety of citrus and edible varieties.View Plant

Living Sculptures

SpiralsA striking topiary form that is tricky to create, but easy to maintain. Makes a great talking point for your garden or courtyard.View Plant
Cloud TreePopular Japanese style topiary where rounded shapes, usually balls, are clipped on the ends of a branching irregular plant structure. View Plant
Living PergolaPopular trend in Europe where plants are trained to form a living canopy, providing natural shade.View Plant