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Agonis 'Burgundy'

A stunning new plant introduction that will add rich colour to your landscape. Its graceful weeping habit and strong burgundy new growth will add interest to any style of garden. During mid-Spring small white, tea-tree like flowers mass bloom on the ends of its branches.


A native plant that thrives in a sunny position in a well drained soil and is relatively pest and disease free. For best results fertilise with a long term slow release fertiliser in early Spring.

The highlight of the plant is the stunning burgundy colour of the new growth once it has been trimmed. Untrimmed plants will have a graceful weeping habit and will be predominately an olive green colour, lovely for some landscape applications.


Agonis Burgundy is best used as a multiple screening hedge along fence lines or drive ways. Clipping and trimming foliage is the key to maintaining the rich vibrant colour. This plant is suitable for use as a pleached hedge, where plants are planted in rows and the lower growth is removed to reveal the attractive straight trunks. The top is then clipped into a continuous long block. Low shrubs or grasses can be planted underneath. This provides a lovely ‘Modern Native’ look.


Height to 5m; width 3m