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Acacia 'Copper Tips'

A beautiful graceful weeping new plant introduction that will add a wonderful foliage effect to your landscape. Its graceful weeping habit and lovely copper tips will add interest to any style of garden. During mid-Spring small white, tea-tree like flowers mass bloom on the ends of its branches.


A native plant that will thrive in a sunny position in a well drained soil. It is relatively pest and disease free. For best results fertilise with a long term slow release fertiliser in early Spring. Minimal pruning is required.


Copper Tips will make a fantastic informal screen or feature plant, as the beautiful weeping foliage can be used very effectively in most garden styles. Ideal back ground plant for modern native gardens. Mixes well with Banksia praemorsa, Elaeocarpus and Agonis Burgundy. Underplant with new varieties of Lomandra and Dianella.


Height 2-5m; width 1-2m