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Magnolias Deciduous Varieties

Magnolia 'Genie' pbrNew compact growing deciduous magnolia variety featuring incredible dark tulip buds which burst into deep burgundy blooms in late Winter to early Spring.View Plant
Magnolia 'Tino Durio'A large growing and extremely hardy Deciduous Magnolia with a broad spreading habit. Features large, pure white flowers, with a purplish/pink tinge at the base.View Plant
Magnolia 'Black Tulip' pbrA superb, frost hardy deciduous magnolia variety with attractive foliage and a compact growth habit. Its tulip shaped flowers are black/red in colour, fragrant and appear in late Winter on the bare branches. 'Black Tulip' pbr will flower at a young age, but the flowers may take a few seasons to develop to their true size and colour.View Plant
Magnolia 'Vulcan' pbrA beautiful, frost hardy deciduous magnolia variety that has become very popular over the last few years. Attractive foliage, a compact growth habit and magnificent deep magenta coloured fragrant flowers in late Winter make this a great plant to use in the landscape. View Plant
Magnolia x soulangeana 'Burgundy Glow'This deciduous magnolia is an improved variety of the ever popular x soulangeana. It is frost hardy will grow into an attractive upright and spreading small tree. Its dark purplish pink and white flowers are fragrant, large and goblet shaped, and will open in late Winter/ early Spring.View Plant
Magnolia denudataOne of the most popular deciduous magnolia species in cultivation, and certainly one of the most beautiful. It is frost hardy and will grow into an attractive spreading small tree and will look stunning when its ivory white flowers open in late Winter/ early Spring. Its flowers have a rich sweet perfume and really stand out against a blue sky.View Plant
Magnolia stellataA very popular, frost hardy deciduous magnolia that will grow slowly into a bushy small to medium sized shrub. It can be used throughout the garden and can be successfully grown in containers. It produces masses of star shaped white flowers in late Winter/ early Spring and is often the first of the deciduous Magnolias to start flowering.View Plant
Magnolia 'Elizabeth'The first yellow hybrid deciduous magnolia to become available in Australia. It is a frost hardy and vigorous grower and will become an upright small tree. The creamy yellow flowers are of good size, slightly scented and open in late Winter/ early Spring. View Plant
Magnolia liliiflora 'Nigra'A very popular Deciduous Magnolia, particularly suitable for the smaller garden as it grows into a upright bushy shrub. Its deep purple flowers are slightly fragrant and of good size and has perhaps the longest flowering season of all the deciduous Magnolias; starting in late Winter/early Spring with spot flowering throughout the Summer.View Plant
Magnolia 'Felix' pbrFeaturing giant, fragrant hot pink blooms, 'Felix' pbr is a frost hardy deciduous magnolia and a true show-stopper. View Plant