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Cumquat 'Calamondin'Producing an abundance of small round orange fruit great for preserves, these hardy citrus make a great feature in a Mediterranean garden.View Plant


Lemon 'Eureka'A tall growing lemon bearing several crops of fruit with the heaviest during the summer months. Less vigorous than Lisbon, it has very few thorns. Fruit has highly acidic flesh and yields lots of juice.View Plant
Lemon 'Lisbon'Lisbon has the most thorns of all of the lemons however it makes up for this with its heavy crop of medium size fruit. Vigorous tree with thick foliage.View Plant
Citrus Meyer Dwarf 'Lemonicious' pbrA strong and compact variety which produces tasty, juicy yellow fruit and clusters of small, scented white flowers. Suitable for planting in the ground or in pots and large containers. View Plant


Lime 'Tahitian'Glossy dark green foliage, green rounded fruit that ripen to yellow, white perfumed flowers in Summer.View Plant


Mandarin 'Afourer'A compact growing mandarin with lovely dark green foliage, featuring fruit with a low seed count and easy-to-peel.View Plant
Mandarin 'Emperor'With pale orange fruit and excellent flavour, Emperor is a great eating mandarin variety which is easy to peel. Features glossy green foliage, yellowing during Winter. View Plant
Mandarin 'Imperial'This thin skinned mandarin variety is popular due to its large, juicy edible fruit. A strong growing tree. Fruit ripens late Autumn/early Winter.View Plant


Orange ValenciaA small evergreen tree with aromatic oval leaves and bearing medium to large. smoot, thin-skinned fruit. Vigorous and larger growing than other varieties.View Plant
Orange 'Washington Navel'An early maturing variety with large juicy fruit which are easy to peel. Great fruiting variety for Melbourne. A compact, rounded tree.View Plant
Orange BloodA beautiful tree with shiny deep green foliage featuring edible fruit with deep red flesh.View Plant


Olive VarietiesA long lived slow growing evergreen tree, attractive silver grey foliage and a gnarled grey trunk with age. Small white flowers during Spring, ripen to black in AutumnView Plant
Acca sellowiana FeijoaAlso known as the Pineapple Guava, the feijoa is a very hardy evergreen shrub with decorative flowers and delicious fruit. Small mid green to grey rounded foliage.View Plant
PersimmonA very hardy deciduous tree with lovely Autumn color and large orange fruit. Stunning orange red Autumn foliage color.View Plant
Punica granatum PomegranateSmall deciduous shrub with bright, glossy green leaves that turn yellow in Autumn. Scarlet flowers appear in Summer, followed by development of edible fruit in late Summer to early Spring.View Plant