Garden Inspirations

The Bay Tree – Melbourne’s alternative to Ficus

Screening and hedging plants are in greater demand than ever, and one particular plant is gaining popularity, with good reason – the Bay (Laurus nobilis).

Bay trees make excellent hedges thanks to their dense, deep green, aromatic foliage that looks great all year round. Bays are hardy gro...

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Day of the Dragon - Azalea ‘Scarlet Dragon’

This compact Azalea may be small in stature, but packs a punch with its bold red blooms and glossy green foliage.

Once Winter is over, Scarlet Dragon comes to life with plentiful buds bursting into scarlet flowers through Spring. It makes a delightful lo...

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Create a modern statement with pleaching

If you’re looking for a stylish, contemporary look for your garden, you can’t go past pleaching. This trend has taken off in recent years, revealing a multitude of interesting shapes and forms to give your garden a touch of elegance and distinction.

Pleaching – which comes from the French word ‘plecher’, which means to braid – is a method of shaping and training trees to create an elev...

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Magnolia Cream Fairy

With its bushy dark green foliage and masses of perfumed cream flowers, Magnolia Cream Fairy is an irresistible selection for the garden.Tha...

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I dream of Magnolia 'Genie'

If a little magic is what you’re after, then newly released compact deciduous Magnolia – Magnolia ‘Genie’ pbr – is sure to delight.

They say that good things come in small packages, and ‘Genie’ is no exception. Growing to only 3 metres, this compact magnolia is a str...

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