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Make a lasting impact with Camellia sasanqua

Autumn in Melbourne is a wondrous sight with the emergence of Camellia sasanqua across suburban landscapes. With beautiful, silken blooms that range in colour from arctic whites through to deep pinks and reds, they bring a touch of formality and grace to any garden. And with flowers that linger from late summer through to winter, you can enjoy these lovelies for many months of the year.

Unlike its cousin, Camellia japonica, Sasanqua can thrive in full sun or partial shade, providing it is protected from the wind. Some varieties are lightly perfumed, giving off a warm earthy scent that is attractive to many of Australia’s native nectar-eating bird species and beneficial insects.


Sasanquas respond wonderfully to pruning, and make a stunning evergreen hedge when covered in blooms. They can also be espaliered for small spaces, or clipped into topiary standards or balls for maximum impact.


Prune after flowering before the emergence of new spring growth (late-Winter/early-Spring) to ensure maximum flowering in the following year. Sansanquas prefer slightly acidic soils rich in organic matter. Make sure to water your Sasanquas regularly, but don’t over-water them – they don’t like wet feet!


Paradise Blush:
This compact grower loves a good clipping, and makes a fantastic hedge or screen thanks to its fine foliage. Featuring deep pink buds which open to semi-double white flowers, Paradise Blush is the ideal Sasanqua for Australian conditions. While Sasanqua camellias will usually flower through winter, if the conditions are right, Paradise Blush can potentially flower at any time of the year.

Probably the most popular sasanqua planted in Australia, Setsugekka features glossy dark green foliage and abundant large single white blooms with wavy petals.

Early Pearly:
With white formal double flowers, Early Pearly is a fragrant and showy selection.