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Camellia japonica: a traditional favourite

Camellia japonica is one of the most celebrated species of Camellia; its beauty has even inspired poetry, with “The White Camellia Japonica” a well-regarded piece of work written by the 18 th century English poet Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna.

This traditional favourite is a lovely, flowering evergreen shrub with glossy green foliage and bright showy flowers ranging in colour from pure white to deep red. Flowering from Winter to Spring, it lights up your landscape with a display of colour and elegance, when the rest of your garden looks bare.

Landscaping versatility

Camellia japonica will make a lovely addition to your garden and can be used as an informal hedge or screening. Most varieties are suitable for growing in containers or as a feature tree in a small courtyard or outdoor entertainment area. Enjoy their beauty indoors, bunched together in a vase or float a few in a shallow bowl of water.

Taking care of your Camellia japonica

Camellia japonicas grow best in partially shaded conditions and in moist, slightly acidic organic-rich soils. Once established, they are hardy and drought tolerant, however, a regular watering (i.e. once a week) is essential to ensure that your flowers persist.

Prune after flowering in late Winter/early Spring to maintain compact shape and fertilise in Spring and Summer with a Camellia specific fertiliser or a complete organic fertiliser.

Camellias look great planted alongside other traditional favourites such as Azaleas, Pieris and Helleborus

Warners varieties you’ll love

Strong tall-growing varieties:

‘Volcano’- This variety featuring mid red semi-double blooms makes a statement. The earliest of our varieties to flower.

‘Pope John XXIII’- Known as the toughest formal white variety, this Camellia has lovely dark green foliage with a strong, upright growth habit..

'Betty Ridley' – A beautiful mid-pink camellia, with formal double flowers. Has a long flowering season, making it a gardener’s favourite.

Compact courtyard varieties:

‘Brushfields Yellow’ – This compact courtyard camellia is ideal for small gardens. Features beautiful white, creamy-yellow anemone form flowers.

‘Tip Toe’ Featuring silver-pink medium semi-double blooms that darken at the margin. Tip Toe has naturally compact conical shape, which makes it a great choice for topiary cones.

‘Red Red Rose’ – This brilliant rose-red formal double with a rose-like centre is simply stunning.