Garden Inspirations

Attract good luck this Chinese New Year

Renowned for its exquisite perfume, magnolia alba is also believed to bring good luck.

The marriage of Michelia Champacca and Michelia montana has created this sublimely scented tree. Its perfume forms the basis of one of the world’s most highly prized perfumes - Jean Patou’s ‘Joy’.

On a warm humid night, the scent from this tree can be enjoyed from a great distance.

This large evergreen tree features small flowers - the size of a 20 cent coin, with 15-20 sepals and petals - and grows to 6 metres in Melbourne. It is ideal as a specimen tree, or as a large informal screen.

Some Asian cultures believe that Magnolia alba brings good luck, and is highly sought after during the lunar New Year period.

Why not spread a little good fortune this Chinese New Year!