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What we do

What we do

We sell gardens, not just plants

Behind every plant produced by Warners is a heartfelt passion for plants, gardens and the people involved in our business. The Warners story begins, and continues, with our plants. Our reputation is built on a foundation of growing a complete range of quality plants, groomed through experience to perform in traditional Australian gardens.

We believe that buying plants from Warners should be a positive experience for everyone. Over the years we have developed the “Warners style”, constantly adapting and evolving our range to incorporate new trends in garden design. Our time-honoured slogan “We sell gardens, not just plants” is more than just lip-service - it is our commitment to ensuring that every garden we supply stock for thrives and provides beauty and enjoyment for years to come.

Our stock range includes all the very best varieties in various pot sizes, making us a ‘one-stop shop’ for landscaping needs. Our collection includes:

  • Popular hedging and screening plants such as Waterhousea, evergreen Magnolias, Lilly Pillies, Elaeocarpus, Ficus, Michelia, Prunus lusitanica, Viburnum, Photinia and Buxus.
  • Mediterranean classics such as Citrus, Olive, Bay Laurel, Rhaphiolepis, Conifers, Rosemary, Euphorbia and Convolvulus.
  • Traditional flowering lines such as Azalea, Camellia, Gardenia, Hydrangea, Magnolia, Helleborus and Pieris.
  • A selection of deciduous trees including Acer, Pyrus, Malus and Lagerstroemia.
  • Colourful foliage and structural plants such as Heuchera, Arthropodium, Clivia, Agave and a range of grasses
  • A huge selection of ‘Living Sculptures’, topiary and espaliers.