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Pyrus calleryana 'Cleveland Select'

A narrow pyramidal tree with a dense growth habit and attractive symmetrical branching. Produces brilliant orange/red foliage during Autumn, followed by white flowers in Spring.


This hardy, small to medium deciduous tree is capable of tolerating a range of soil conditions, yet thrives in well drained soils in a sunny to partially shaded position. Adequate moisture in the first year is necessary to ensure that the tree will establish. Does not require pruning apart from removing dead or broken branches.

Once established, they are drought resistant.This variant is more wind resistant than other types of Pyrus.


This is ideal for narrow areas like driveways or garden boundary plantings. It is a suitable tree for street planting or as a feature in small gardens and parks as it produces a brilliant autumn colour and is bird attracting. 


Height 5-10m; width to 5m