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Prunus 'Purple Jewel'

Outstanding new variety of Prunus with an upright growth habit, this is a larger variety than the traditional Prunus. New leaf growth emerges as green and matures into a deep wine red colour with a blue mauve tinge. Small, astringent fruits are a similar colour to foliage and mature from July to October. White flowers emerge in late Spring.


A strong growing, hardy, deciduous shrub that thrives in well drained soil located in full sun. It has moderate water needs. Buds should be tipped when young to encourage branching and to produce more tip-bearing roots. Once mature, this plant is capable of withstanding frosts.


If it’s a purple foliage small tree you are after then Purple Jewel is the one. It does not have the same ‘branch drop’ issues that the often-used Cercis Forest Pansy has! Single specimen small tree or plant in rows to make use of the dramatic purple foliage.


Height to 5m