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Orange Valencia

A small evergreen tree with aromatic oval leaves and bearing medium to large. smoot, thin-skinned fruit. Vigorous and larger growing than other varieties.


Will grow in most soil types as long as well drained. For best results plant in a warm full sun position. Prune to shape in early spring. Orange can be attacked by Citrus Scale and Citrus Leaf Miner. Use appropriate treatment if detected. Prevent insect attack by growing in ideal conditions. Fertilise in Spring and late Summer with high nitrogen fertiliser. If using granulated citrus food, be careful not to over-fertilise, as burning of foliage may occur.

If growing in containers, do not over pot, as they do not respond well.


A great variety for the garden or chard. Will grow in large containers, but a smaller growing variety may be better. A wonderful juicing variety, but also good for eating. This variety will fruit in summer, so for fruit all year round, co-plant with a navel variety that fruits in winter.


Height 7m, width to 4m - can be kept smaller with pruning.