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Magnolia laevifolia 'Scented Pearl' (syn Michelia yunanensis 'Scented Pearl')

A beautiful form of Magnolia yunnanensis selected for its compact shape, attractive foliage and outstanding flowering ability. ‘Scented Pearl’ is a hardy evergreen shrub, tolerant of most conditions and is relatively pest and disease free. Slightly scented creamy-white flowers are produced in abundance during Spring.


These prefer a moist, fertile and well drained soil that is slightly acidic, so when planting it helps if the position has been prepared that way. A warm, sunny aspect is best, though they do tolerate partial shade. After flowering is a good time to prune to shape if required, and it will tolerate being cut back hard if necessary. We advise an annual application of good quality general fertiliser in Spring, and mulching and watering during the drier months especially when the plant is establishing itself.


'Scented Pearl' can be used for hedging and screening, in containers or for Spring colour. Its dark coloured foliage will provide good contrast in garden beds.


Height 3m; width 2m after 10 years