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Hydrangea macrophylla Ball type

A traditional favourite, these deciduous shrubs dazzle in shades of blue, white, red and pink, which flower in Summer.


Hydrangeas perform best in a moist position sheltered from hot sun and wind. Prune to shape after flowering. Feed with an organic slow release fertiliser in late Spring.

Blue varieties need an acidic soil with a pH of about 5. Soil can be treated with an Aluminium sulphate or Hydrangea bluing tonic to enhance flower colour.

Pink and red varieties like a slightly more alkaline soil of about ph 6. If necessary treat with lime to raise the pH. 

White varieties do not change colour no matter the pH level.


Use in mixed planting in larger garden beds. Lovely for cut flowers. Hydrangeas blend well with other traditional favourites like Camellia japonicas and Azaleas.


Height 1m-2m; width to 1m