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A popular choice for small gardens or courtyards, espaliers are available in a variety of citrus and edible varieties.


With gardens becoming smaller, espaliers are becoming increasing more popular. Many plant varieties with training and pruning can lend themselves to be grown flat on walls. Perfect for areas with limited space.

Plants are grown in the nursery on a trellis or wire mesh. The most popular form is the fan shape, where branches are tied back flat to the wall in an informal random pattern. Growth that comes straight out is either tied back to fill a space or trimmed off. Regular trimming and pruning will maintain that flat against the wall shape and look. Often plants are cut away from the trellis and then tied to a permanent structure in the garden.


Ideal for fences and walls where width space is limited. Citrus, olives and stone fruits are popular in formal edible gardens or courtyards with limited space.


Warners grows the following varieties as Espaliers: