Our Plants

Elaeocarpus reticulatus

A beautiful evergreen native tall shrub/small tree with dense green foliage and masses of pink bell-shaped, aniseed-scented flowers that display in Spring/Summer. Small colorful blue berries follow which attract a range of native birds. An interesting feature is a fine, whitish crust of film resembling an evaporated salt layer that appears on the surface of some leaves


Prefers a moist well drained soil in a sunny to partly shaded position, but will survive well in conditions that are less than favourable. Requires protection from frost when young. For best results fertilise with a long term slow release fertilizer in early Spring. Prune to shape when required.


Its dense green foliage and upright narrow growth habit make it ideal for screening, and can easily be kept trimmed to the desired height. Its attractive foliage is perfectly suited to most garden styles. Will also grow well in large containers.


Height to 5m; width to 2m