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Orange Blood

A beautiful tree with shiny deep green foliage featuring edible fruit with deep red flesh.


Maltese blood - although a blood orange, it will produce fruit with little or no blood colour in the Melbourne climate. If grown in hot dry areas, with coolers nights, it will produce a more intense blood red colour.

Arnold blood - a newer variety that produces good red pigmentation in Melbourne's cooler climate. The tree is a smaller grower, perfect for growing in pots.The fruit features a distinctive tang.


Will grow in most soil types as long as well drained. For best results plant in a warm full sun position. Prune to shape in early Spring. Orange can be attacked by Citrus Scale and Citrus Leaf Miner. Use appropriate treatment if detected. Prevent insect attack by growing in ideal conditions. Fertilise in Spring and late Summer with high nitrogen fertiliser.


Lovely container plants that are perfect for Mediterranean style gardens. Also suitable for lawn or garden specimens.


Height to 5m